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Parent reviews 

Oxford continental school...started as mustard seed but growing as big tree ...
Our dear mam! Mrs Padmini Suresh  a pillar of strength,an embodiment of motivation
Started this beautiful school as beautiful as her heart with all her love and care.she nurtures the school and the students  heart and soul.
She is not only a trainer but a wonderful human being. when it's school be it  her family she stands for the right .she never takes sides but the truth.
She not  only stands as a principal,she is a great  friend,motivater , an icon as principal for every parent and student.
She is truly blessed with great wisdom, understanding and knowledge but always stands as humble as possible...
My heart blesses and wishes The  Oxford continental school to great heights and world renowned.
May our wish and mam's desire and our lord's blessings  make this happen.
I love The Oxford continental school.
My Namskars and Respect  to (Late) Chairman Suresh.
We are filled with beautiful experience and memories of Oxford continental School...
My Recommendation for the young mothers to opt this school for their children as the world is changing in different ways...where education is not only to be learnt but good character to be moulded...that I'm sure 
Oxford continental School assures  and moulds your children.
                                                             Mrs.Bimla suresh 

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