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Thank you, for showing interest in your child's education during his "Wonder Years" through Oxford. The School is proud of its humble beginning and conscious of the need to prepare students for a life of leadership, service, and personal independence of thought and action respect for creativity and readiness to respond to the demands of society in a rapidly changing world. Apart from the quest for excellence the School also tries to develop in its student an empathy for the less privileged section of our society and in the process turn out citizens who will genuinely care for the larger issues that confront them in later life.


Principal’s Message

The school was founded in the year 1995 by Mrs. Padhmini Suresh, who has a master's in English Literature and Education with child psychology, who wanted to provide a sound education to young minds in a play way methodology, enriching their minds with an open heart and a fun way of learning. Children are drawn from every community and scholarship schemes bring the chances of education here to the less privileged also. The children grow up in the universal atmosphere where every creed, community and caste is accorded equal respect. Co-education is a cornerstone of our effort to breed an open community where children respect each other for who they are.

We, at Oxford - focus on wholesome behavior with good intentions, conscious discipline, sufficient free space to explore and experiment, physically, mentally and spiritually. The school believes in inculcating strong, secular principles amongst the students, to excel and compete with their previous best, leading to a healthy competition in this highly competitive world. Academics edged with Technology-enabled teaching with smart board is adopted.



We work with motherly love and affection, fatherly discipline, and a teacher’s knowledge towards building future citizens, who will one day be the leaders in their own rights, will stand for courtesy, truth, and righteousness.



To contribute to the upliftment of Education in India, bringing out the best in every individual student, by giving them the best, molding their character with values and conviction.


Vision & Values

  • Respect

  • Responsibility

  • Integrity

  • Compassion

  • Courage

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