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"Congratulations to Sahana, Headgirl Turned Biotechnology Major: Wishing her all the Best!"

Updated: Apr 27

Sahana is not only the head girl of Oxford School, but she is also the outstanding student of the year for 2022-2023. She is a true example of excellence in both leadership and academics. Sahana's leadership skills are outstanding. She leads by example, always setting the highest standards for herself and others. Her humble and bold attitude, along with her collaborative style, has made her a role model for her peers. In addition to her leadership skills, Sahana is an exceptional dancer. She has contributed to many of the school's dance performances and has brought glory to Oxford on multiple occasions. She is a true artist, with a passion for expression and creativity. But Sahana's talents don't stop there. She is also an outstanding student academically, consistently earning top marks in her classes. Her thirst for knowledge and dedication to her studies have earned her the respect and admiration of both her peers and teachers. Sahana is also known for her gratitude towards her teachers and juniors. She recognizes the contributions of everyone and is always willing to learn from others. Her positive attitude and collaborative nature have created a supportive and inclusive environment at the school. Overall, Sahana is an exceptional student, leader, and artist. Her commitment to excellence, dedication to her peers and teachers, and her artistic and academic achievements make her a true asset to Oxford School.

Sahana, the head girl

of her school, and is now pursuing her major in biotechnology. As she starts this new chapter in her life, the school wishes her all the very best.

Biotechnology is an exciting field that combines biology, chemistry, and engineering to develop innovative solutions to some of the world's most pressing problems. As a biotechnology major, Sahana will be exposed to a wide range of topics such as genetic engineering, drug discovery, biomanufacturing, and bioinformatics, to name a few.

Sahana's dedication and hard work have already been recognized during her time at school as the head girl. She demonstrated exceptional leadership skills and was a role model for her peers. As she continues her academic journey, we have no doubt that she will continue to excel in her endeavours


The school community is proud of Sahana and wishes her all the very best as she embarks on this new journey. We are confident that she will continue to make significant contributions in her field and beyond. Her passion for learning and her commitment to making a positive impact on society will undoubtedly serve her well in the years to come.

As Sahana sets out to pursue her major in biotechnology, we offer her our heartfelt congratulations and best wishes. We look forward to hearing about her future successes and accomplishments.